Conference Topics

The conference topics will include the following subjects dealing with water resources management:

1. Water resources in changing environments

  • Land use dynamics and water resources
  • Climate change, demographic change and other drivers
  • Landscape functionality and conservation management
  • Ecosystem needs and safeguarding aquatic biodiversity

2. Technologies and implementation

  • Environmental sound technologies to increase water use efficiencies
  • Alternative resources (storm water use, aquifer recharge etc.)
  • Pathways for sustainable sanitation
  • Stakeholder participation
  • Economic instruments: water prices for efficiency and equity

3. Indicators and advanced monitoring

  • Adapted water resources assessment strategies
  • Water management performance indicators at different scales
  • Monitoring the efficiency of environmental improvements

4. Information and decision support systems for improved knowledge management

  • Conceptual and technical decision support systems
  • Data assimilation and integration

5. Capacity Development for water and waste water management

  • Sustainable concepts for training and education
  • Building public awareness
  • Institutional development

6. Water governance: actors and institutions

  • Analyses of institutions, laws and rules
  • Water governance and water politics
  • Governance and regulation of water services


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