Conference Dinner, Ice-Breaker and Excursions

Icebreaker Party - 11 October 2011, 7:00 p.m.

The Icebreaker party will take place in the „Festungsmauern am Brühlischen Garten“, which is situated very close to the river Elbe and within a 5 minute walk from the city centre and Frauenkirche. It is a perfect opportunity to meet colleagues and friends or to get in touch with other participants of the conference. The party will start at 7:00 p.m. with a glass of wine, beer or non-alcoholic drink. At 8:00 p.m. we have a chance to listen to live jazz music.

Please notice that a registration is needed.

Festungsmauern Am Brühlschen Garten
Am Brühlschen Garten 4
01067 Dresden



Conference Dinner - 12 October 2011, 8:00 p.m.

Join the conference dinner at the historic “PulverTurm” (Powder Tower) and enjoy luscious food just like Augustus the Strong. The buildung dates back to the 16th century and used to be an old munitions dump. You can see and feel the history of Saxony in this beautifully designed location with weapons and chainmail hanging from the ceiling.


We are glad to offer an interesting choice of field trips and sightseeing tours to you on Friday, 14 October 2011. Please note: The number of participants is limited, and excursions require a minimum number of participants to take place. We kindly ask you to please register.

Excursion No. 1 – City Walk Dresden

Dresden - the »Florence on the Elbe« – offers attractions in great variety. No book about the history of architecture can miss mentioning the Dresden Zwinger. The Frauenkirche Church, Semper Opera House and Royal Palace as well as many other historical monuments and ensembles determine the image of the city. Magnificent promenades on the bank of the Elbe, interesting museums and institutions, industrial monuments, charming details – Dresden has a lot for you to discover.

Time:  10–12 a.m.
Fee: EUR 7

Source: Dresden Marketing GmbH | Photography: Christoph Münch


Excursion No. 2 – WWTP Kaditz & Visit of Vineyard - Sorry, CANCELLED due to lack of participants! Paid fees will be handled on-site in Dresden.

Visit the waste water treatment plant Dresden Kaditz - the most modern and largest plant. During the guided tour you will find out about the various treatment stages (be it mechanical, chemical or biological) the waste water has to go through before it is being discharged to the river Elbe.

Afterwards the tour continuous to the Vinyard of family Schuh where you can join a guided tour including a small vine degustation and a traditional vesper with ham, cheese, homemade sausages, bread & butter.

Time:  9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Fee:  EUR 42

Source: Stadtentwässerung Dresden GmbH


Excursion No. 3 – Reservoirs Saxony

Saxony is the federal state with the highest number of reservoirs in Germany. The trip leads you to the reservoir Klingenberg and Gottleuba. The listed reservoir Klingenberg has been built between 1908 and 1914 and undergoes now reconstruction measures, so you will be able to see a immensely impressing building site and the pipes for raw water from other areas.

The tour can be rounded up at the “Schillergarten”, a traditional restaurant next to the famous bridge “Blaues Wunder” where you can have a lunch just like Friedrich Schiller used to.

Time:  8 a.m. – 1.30 p.m.
Fee:  EUR 17 | lunch is not included!

Source: Landestalsperrenverwaltung des Freistaates Sachsen | Photography: Foto+Co. Peter Schubert




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