Power Point Presentations

Sessions on Wednesday 12 October 2011

- Opening keynotes




Integrated Water Resources Management: Lessons learnt and where we have to go beyond

Dietrich Borchardt (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ) & Peter Krebs (University of Technology Dresden)

IWRM indicators – experience from two global assessments

Peter Koefoed Bjornsen (UNEP-DHI Centre for Water and Environment, Denmark)


- Session A-1 (WC)

"Water resources in changing environments: Large scale and conceptual studies"




Pan-European freshwater resources in a changing environment  

Floerke, Martina (University of Kassel, Germany) | Baerlund, Ilona (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ, Germany) | Schneider, Christof | Kynast, Ellen (University of Kassel, Germany)

Integrating water resources management in eco-hydrological modeling  

Koch, Hagen | Liersch, Stefan | Hattermann, Fred (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Germany)

Assessing the hydrological impact of conservation management practices for the Pipiripau River basin, Central Brazil

Strauch, Michael (University of Technology Dresden, Germany) | Lorz, Carsten (TU Dresden, Germany) | Bakker, Fabio (Caesb, Brazil) | Makeschin, Franz (TU Dresden, Germany)

Stochastic Modelling of Indus River Flows to Estimate Likely Impact of Climate Change in Himalayan Ranges

Ali, Nazim (Sustainable Development Policy Institute, Pakistan)

The challenges of Integrated Water Resources Management in a shared basin. The case of Matanza – Riachuelo Basin in the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Martinez, Sandra | Villa Uria, Gustavo (Autoridad de Cuenca Matanza-Riachuelo ACUMAR, Buenos Aires, Argentina), Kralisch, Stefanie (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT, Germany) | Strähle, Nikolai (University of Heidelberg, Germany)


- Session B-1 (CD)

"Capacity development for the management of water in a changing world"




Enhancing Integrated Adaptive Water Management through Citizen Participation: An Evaluation Perspective

Sterner, Elsa speaker | Comardicea, Irina (adelphi, Germany) | Alcaud, David | Schmidt, Michael (ICCR) | Liquete, Camino (JRC) | Calori, Andrea (Politecnico di Milano) | Lia, Federico | Lue, Alessandro (Poliedra – Politecnico di Milano)

Improving the policy-science interface for the implementation of IWRM

Butler Manning, Carolin | Pahl-Wostl, Claudia | Fokken, Bjoern (University of Osnabrueck, Germany)

Understanding the role of learning and networks to build resilience in river basins

Welling, Rebecca speaker | Barchiesi, Stefano | Dalton, James | Smith, Mark (International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Switzerland)

A holistic approach towards water management – Capacity Development for IWRM in the Western Ukraine

Leidel, Marco (University of Technology Dresden, Germany) | Niemann, Steffen| Hagemann, Nina (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ. Germany)

Capacity Development in Integrated Water Resources Management: Lessons learnt in BMBF-funded projects

Niemann, Steffen (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ, Germany)


- Session C-1 (SMA)

"SMART Project – From data acquisition to the implementation of IWRM technologies"




Concept towards Integrated Management of Water Resources in the Lower Jordan Valley: Case Study Auja, West-Bank

Rusteberg, Bernd (University of Goettingen, Germany) | Tamimi, Abed Rahman (Palestinian Hydrology Group) | Rahman, Mohammad Aziz (University of Goettingen, Germany) | Marei, Amer (University of Al-Quds, Israel) | Jarrar, Ayman (Palestinian Water Authority) | Guttman, Joseph (Mekorot – Israel National Water Company, Israel)

Decentralized waste water treatment in arid areas and options for a large scale implementation in Jordan

Müller, Roland A. | Cardona, Jaime (Helmholtz Centre For Environmental Research – UFZ, Germany) | Subah, Ali (MWI Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Jordan) | Abbassi, Bassim (Al Balqa Applied Technical University, Jordan) | van Afferden, Manfred (Helmholtz Centre For Environmental Research – UFZ, Germany)

Consideration of emerging pollutants in groundwater based reuse concepts

Tiehm, Andreas | Schmidt, Natalie | Lipp, Pia | Zawadsky, Claudia (Water Technology Center, Germany) | Marei, Amer (Al-Quds University of Jerusalem) | Seder, Nayef (Jordan Valley Authority, Jordan) | Ghanem, Marwan (Palestinian Hydrology Group) | Zemann, Moritz (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT, Germany) | Wolf, Leif (CSIRO, Australia)

Performance, impact and ranking of IWRM strategies in the Jordan Valley

Wolff, Heinz-Peter (QUASIR, Germany) | Subah, Ali (Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Jordan (MWI)) | Guttman, Joseph (Mekorot National WaterCompany, Israel) | Tamimi, Abdelrahman (Palestinian Hydrology Group (PHG)) | Bensabat, Jacob (Environmental & Water Resources Engineering Ltd. (EWRE), Israel) | Jarrar, Ayman (Palestinian Water Authority (PWA)) | Salman, Amer | Karablieh, Emad (University of Jordan)

SMART IWRM 2.0 at the Lower Jordan River – Reviewing models, results and uptake from large scale integrated water resources research

Wolf, Leif (CSIRO, Australia) | Bensabat, Jacob (Environmental & Water Resources Engineering Ltd. (EWRE), Israel) | Riepl, David (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT, Germany) | Guttman, Joseph (Mekorot National Water Company, Israel) | Wolff, Heinz-Peter (QUASIR, Germany) | Jarrar, Aiman (PWA) | Mueller, Roland A. (Helmholtz Centre For Environmental Research – UFZ, Germany) | Sauter, Martin (University of Goettingen, Germany) | Tamimi, Abdelrahman (Palestinian Hydrology Group (PHG))


- Session D-1 (IND)

"Water management indicators at different scales"




Monitoring river hydromorphology in transition countries – strengths and weaknesses of a desk-based approach in the Ukraine

Scheifhacken, Nicole | Truemper, Johanna | Colbatz, Kira | Amatya, Sandesh | Berendonk, Thomas U. | Schanze, Jochen (University of Technology Dresden, Germany)

Classification of Water Bodies including Sustainable Flood Retention Basins (SFRB)

Yang, Qinli (University of Edinburgh, UK) | Shao, Junming (University of Munich, Germany) | Scholz, Miklas (University of Salford, UK)

Is the ‘good ecological status’ a good indicator to assess effective river basin management?

Völker, Jeanette | Richter, Sandra | Borchardt, Dietrich (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ, Germany) | Mohaupt, Volker(Umweltbundesamt, Germany)

Evaluation of Small-Scale Irrigation and Water User Association Interventions in Eastern Madagascar: A Comparison of Qualitative Strategies

Johnson, Levi (SupAgro Montpellier and Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain) | Bourgeois, Robin (SupAgro Montpellier) | Diaz-Puente, Jose Maria (Polytechnical University of Madrid, Spain)

Baseline Indicators to Support Decision Making in Sanitation, Case Study: Integrated Water Resources Management Project in Rural Karst Area of Gunung Kidul, Java, Indonesia

Lehmann, Annekatrin, speaker (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT, Germany) | Nayono, Suwartanti | Lehn, Helmut | Kopfmueller, Juergen (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT, Germany) | Londong, Joerg (Bauhaus-University of Weimar, Germany)

Attributiveness of a material flow analysis model for integrated water resources assessment under data scarce conditions

Helm, Bjoern | Terekhanova, Tatyana | Traenckner, Jens | (University of Technology Dresden, Germany) | Venohr, Markus (Leibniz IGB, Germany)


- Session E-1 (CHIN)

"IWRM implementation in China, comparison and experiences of a top-down
and a bottom-up approach"




A model chain for water-related scenario simulations providing management support in the Guanting basin

Wechsung, Frank | Conradt, Tobias (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research – PIK, Germany)

Monitoring and modelling concept for the Miyun catchment area – first results

Ollesch, Gregor | Meissner, Ralph (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ, Germany) | Duan, Shuhuai | Bingjun, Lu (Beijing Soil and Water Conservation Center, China)

Mesoscale nutrient balancing and decision support in the Miyun catchment area

Gebel, Micha | Halbfass, Stefan (GALF bR, Germany) | Wang, Xiaoyan(Capital Normal University, China)

Model-based water management in the Guanting river basin – possibilities and limits

Kaden, Stefan | Kaltofen, Michael | Stäglich, Ines (DHI-WASY GmbH, Germany)

Technical approach for decentralized wastewater treatment concepts in rural areas in China

Kröger, Christina (University of Rostock, Germany) | Han, Fugui (Miyun Soil and Water Conservation Center, Beijing, China) | Engelke, Paul (University of Rostock, Germany)


- Session A-2 (WC)

"Water resources in changing environments: Case studies with management implications"




Managing environmental water in the Murray-Darling Basin in Australia

Overton, Ian (CSIRO, Australia)

Modelling the impact of Global Change on the hydrological system of the Aral Sea basin

Aus der Beek, Tim | Floerke, Martina | Kynast, Ellen (Kassel University, Germany)

Modelling the effect of land use dynamics on water resources in arid and semi arid regions using a physically based spatially distributed model

Alkhoury, William (Georg-August Universtiy of Goettingen, Germany) | Abu Saadah, Muath (Palestinian Hydrology Group) | Sauter, Martin (Georg-August Universtiy of Goettingen, Germany) | Salameh, Elias(University of Jordan)

Fine sediment source, fate and impact: integrated study at the Kharaa catchment (Mongolia)

Hartwig, Melanie | Theuring, Philipp | Rode, Michael | Borchardt, Dietrich (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ, Germany)

Drivers of Change in River Deltas

Kuenzer, Claudia (Earth Observation Centre of the German Aerospace Centre, DLR, Germany) | Renaud, Fabrice (United Nations University, Germany)| Huth, Juliane (Earth Observation Centre of the German Aerospace Centre, DLR, Germany) | Liu, Gaohuan (Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, IGSNRR, China) | Vo, Khac Tri (Southern Institute of Water Resources Research, SIWRR, Vietnam) | Dech, Stefan (Earth Observation Centre of the German Aerospace Centre, DLR, Germany)

Rewarding ecosystem service stewards in the context of water sector reforms: the case of Sasumua watershed, Kenya

Gathenya, John (World Agroforestry Centre, Kenya) | Mwangi, John | Mwangi, Hosea (Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT)) | Swallow, Brent | Yatich, Thomas | Vagen, Tor-G. | Onyango, Leah | Nyabenge, Meshack | Catacutan, Delia(World Agroforestry Centre, Kenya)


- Session B-2 (CD)

"Capacity Development for Water Management"




The Role of the Private Sector in the international Capacity Development

Röstel, Gunda (CEO Stadtentwässerung Dresden, German Water Partnership – Chair of CD Working Group, Germany)

Technical Associations as drivers for Institutional Development in the Water Sector

Knitschky, Roland (DWA in cooperation with GIZ, Hennef, Germany)

Experiences from the bilateral IWRM Master Courses – fresh brains for new ways

Ribbe, Lars (Cologne University of Applied Science, Cologne, Germany)

Primary school education as a basic support tool for the implementation of Jordan’s Water Strategy 2009-2022

an Afferden, Manfred (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research– UFZ, Germany) | Goedert, Ruth | Cardona, Jaime (BDZ-Training and Demonstration Centre for Decentralized Sewage Treatment, Germany) | Abbassi, Bassim (Al-Balqa` Applied University, Jordan) | Uleimat, Ahmed (Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Jordan) | Ali, Wasim (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT, Germany) | Müller, Roland A. (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ, Germany)


- Session C-2 (GW)

"Groundwater in IWRM – Adapted management of stressed ecosystems for improved resilience"




Irrigated agriculture and groundwater resources –Towards a more integrated vision and sustainable relationship

Foster, Stephen (Senior GWP Adviser and IAH Immediate Past President, Great Britain)

Impacts of over-exploitation of groundwater resources in semi-arid areas: application to the Lower Jordan Rift Valley

Guttman, Joseph (Mekorot Water Company, Israel) | Flexer, Akiva (Tel-Aviv University, Israel) | Bensabat, Jacob (EWRE ltd., Israel) |Yellin-Dror, Annat (Tel-Aviv University, Israel)

Water resources management in karst aquifers – a concept for the Lower Jordan Valley? 

Sauter, Martin | Schmidt, Sebastian | Geyer, Tobias (University of Goettingen, Germany)

A Groundwater perspective on river basin management plan, for a central region of Portugal

Mendes, Maria Paula | Ribeiro, Luís | Nascimento, João | Melo, Teresa(Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal)

Informal groundwater markets and its impact on agriculture in Eastern Dry Zone of Karnataka, India

Arahalli Venkataronappa, Manjunatha | Ernst August, Nuppenau (Justus Liebig University of Giessen, Germany)

Alternatives for urban wastes disposition avoiding aquifer contamination. Perspectives for developing countries

Mejía Gómez, Juan Angel (Guanajuato University, Mexico)


- Session D-2 (GIZ)

"Research for development – IWRM instruments for development cooperation"




Integration for sustainability: IWRM in development cooperation

Hübschen, Katja | Magiera, Philipp | Ziegler, Doerte (GIZ, Germany)

Transitioning from unplanned to planned wastewater irrigation in developing countries through an integrated approach

Scheierling, Susanne (World Bank, USA), Bartone, Carl (World Bank, retired, USA)

Conditions for institutional durability of Payment for Watershed Ecosystem Services. Case study analysis from Pradera, Colombia and Munich, Germany

Muñoz-Escobar, Marcela | Pineda-Weffer, Camilo | Hollaender, Robert (University of Leipzig, Germany)

Participatory Irrigation Management in Northern Ghana: From Institutional Panacea to Reality Check

Acheampong, Ernest (International Water Management Institute, West Africa Ghana)

Chances and limits of the concept of IWRM in projects for water supply and sanitation– Experiences of consulting in Development Cooperation

Obermann, Matthias | Ditzel, Philipp | Vestner, Richard (Dorsch International Consultants GmbH, Germany)


- Session E-2 (IB)

"Bridging the gap – From research to implementation"




Realistic Strategies for Water Sector Financing in Developing and Transitional Countries

Boerkey, Peter (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, OECD, France)

Water Projects in German Development Cooperation – Financing matters!

Zeeb, Stefan (KfW Development Finance, Germany)

“Assistance for Implementation” (AIM) for R&D projects: Lessons learned

Suthhof, Andreas (International Bureau of BMBF, Bonn, Germany) & Bergeron, Philippe (International Consultant, Germany)

Case study: Need versus Demand for Investment Finance. Lessons from AKIZ, Vietnam

Rudolph, Karl-Ulrich (Institute of Environmental Engineering and Management, Germany)

A business driven approach for sustainable IWRM and local economic development

Block, Thomas (GWFA - Global Water Franchise Agency GmbH, Germany) |Harbach, Michael(Institute of Environmental Engineering and Management, Germany)




Sessions on Thursday 13 October 2011

- Plenary
Keynote lectures




Sustainability, IWRM and Water Resources – A critical reflection

Christian Leibundgut (University of Freiburg, Germany)

Global Environmental Change and Integral Water Resource Management: Lessons Learnt from a Mexican Perspective

Úrsula Oswald Spring (National University of Mexico)

GROUNDWATER GOVERNANCE: Understanding the resource and proposing implementable management measures

Héctor Garduño (International Consultant, IAH Member, Mexico) | Foster, Stephen (Senior GWP Adviser and IAH Immediate Past President, Great Britain) | Tuinhof, Albert (Senior Partner, Acacia Institute, Chairman of the IAH Netherlands National Committee, Netherlands)

The Theoretical Foundation of Environmental Decision Support and its Application to River Management

Peter Reichert (EAWAG, Switzerland)


- Session A-3 (TEC)

"Technologies and implementation of IWRM: Agriculture, scenario-based planning & network rehabilitation"




Adapting to Water Scarcity - Constraints and Opportunities for Improving Irrigation Management in Khorezm, Uzbekistan

Tischbein, Bernhard | Manschadi, Ahmad(University of Bonn, Germany) | Conrad, Christopher (University of Wuerzburg, Germany) | Hornidge, Anna-Katharina | Bhaduri, Anik | Ul Hassan, Mehmood | Lamers, John P.L. | Vlek, Paul L.G. (University of Bonn, Germany)

Transformation Business Practices can improve hydrology of Basin

Dhar, Murli (WWF, India)

Cyclic water use: towards an efficient and sustainable future

Grover, Aruna Ramani (School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, India)

Integrated water resources management through scenarios based on using alternative water resources, Case study: Gavkhooni basin

Tavakol, Hasan (University of Tehran, Iran) | Goharian, Erfan (University of Tehran, Iran) | Sahaleh, Amir Sohrab (EPFL – Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland)

Results of Pilot Initiatives in Rehabilitation of a Deteriorated Canal Network in Coastal Region of Kerala, India

Namboodiri, Madhavan (Association Réseau Experts Environnement Développement, Nancy, France)

Sustainable Drinking Water Supply as Part of IWRM Concept for Brasília DF, Brazil

Uhl, Wolfgang | Vasyukova, Ekaterina (University of Technology Dresden, Germany) | Braga, Fuad | Neder, Klaus (CAESB, Brazil)


- Session B-3 (DSS)

"Information and decision support systems for improved knowledge management I"




Planning and decision support tools for Integrated Water Resources Management in three river basins in Vietnam

Stolpe, Harro | Borgmann, Andreas | Greassidis, Sandra | Jaschinski, Sylvia | Jolk, Christian | Zindler, Bjoern (Ruhr University of Bochum, Germany)

IWRM decision support with Material Flow Analysis: consideration of Urban System input

Terekhanova, Tatyana | Helm, Bjoern | Traenckner, Jens(University of Technology Dresden, Germany)

Interlinked Hydrological and Economic Modeling to Support Integrated Water Resources Management

Harbach, Michael | Rudolph, Karl-Ulrich | Bombeck, Markus (Institute of Environmental Engineering and Management, Germany)

Analyzing large scale water management strategies in the Jordan River Basin using the WEAP tool

Bonzi, Christopher (University of Tuebingen, Germany) | Hoff, Holger | Joyce, Brian (Stockholm Environment Institute, Sweden) | Tielboerger, Katja (University of Tuebingen, Germany)

Making informed decisions – a collaborative and knowledge based IWRM planning exercise in Wadi Shueib, Jordan

Riepl, David (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT, Germany) | Wolf, Leif (CSIRO Land & Water, Australia) | Kaempgen, Benedikt | Hoetzl, Heinz (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology – KIT, Germany)

How to provide and transmit project outcomes to support decision makers in the long run? Approach and instruments of the CuveWaters project

Roehrig, Julia | Liehr, Stefan (Institute for Social-Ecological Research – ISOE, Germany)


- Session C-3 (GW)

"Adapted Groundwater Management: Advanced use of models and decision support systems"




WEAP-MODFLOW Decision Support System for IWRM - Optimization of Groundwater Abstraction Rates

Massmann, Jobst (Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources – BGR, Germany) | Nouiri, Issam (National Institute of Agronomy of Tunisia (INAT), Tunis, Tunisia) | Schelkes, Klaus (Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR), Germany) | Droubi, Abdallah (Arab Center for the Studies of Arid Zones and Dry Lands (ACSAD), Syria)

An expert system coupled to a groundwater flow model for real-time well field management

Marti, Beatrice | Bauser, Gero | Stauffer, Fritz (ETH Zurich, Switzerland) | Kuhlmann, Uli (TK Consult AG, Switzerland) | Kaiser, Hans-Peter (Water Works Zurich, Switzerland) | Kinzelbach, Wolfgang (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)

Sustainable management of a coupled groundwater-agriculture hydrosystem using multicriterial simulation based optimisation

Grundmann, Jens | Schuetze, Niels | Lennartz, Franz (University of Technology Dresden, Germany)

Management of limited groundwater resources in Australia: new models and approaches for target water levels, sustainable yield, groundwater allocations and large scale reuse

Wolf, Leif | Moore, Catherine | Cresswell, Richard (CSIRO, Australia) | Gallagher, Mark (Australia)

Mass discharge modeling in groundwater based on passive flux meter data: evaluation of calculation methods and tools

Bronders, Jan (Flemish Institute for Technological Research VITO, Belgium) | Verreydt, Goedele (VITO, Artesis, Belgium) | Van Keer, Ilse | Diels, Ludo (VITO, Belgium) | Vanderauwera, Paul (Artesis, Belgium)

Geophysical Investigation for Groundwater Quality and Quantity in the Jordan Valley

Al-Zoubi, Abdallah (Al Balqa Applied University, Jordan)


- Session D-3 (GOV)

"The institutionalisation of IWRM in developing and emerging countries"




River Basin Management in post-socialist countries – a comparison of Mongolia and Ukraine

Dombrowsky, Ines (German Development Institute – DIE, Bonn, Germany)| Horlemann, Lena | Hagemann, Nina (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ, Germany)

Lessons from reforms of water governance: what can non-EU countries learn from water management reforms in Europe?

Thiel, Andreas (Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany) | Dombrowsky, Ines (German Development Institute – DIE, Bonn, Germany) | Horlemann, Lena (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ, Germany)

Institutional constraints and opportunities to amend structural deficits in river hydromorphology and quality in the Western Bug catchment (Ukraine)

Hagemann, Nina (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ, Germany) | Ertel, Anna-Maria | Truemper, Johanna | (University of Technology Dresden, Germany) | Manturova, Oksana (National Academy of Science, Kiev, Ukraine) | Kovalchuk, Oksana (Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine) | Scheifhacken, Nicole (University of Technology Dresden, Germany)

An existence on the political sidetrack? The institutional isolation of donor organizations in Jordanian Hydropolitics

Bonn, Thomas (University of Heidelberg, Germany)

Law and Policy, Actors and Institutions in Water Governance in Protected Areas in Vietnam, Costa Rica, India and South Africa

Gooch, Geoffrey (Linkoepings University, Sweden) | Rieu-Clarke, Alistair(University of Dundee, Great Britain)

Assessing Water governance, understanding the context and functioning of the water sector

Vallee, Domitille (Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO), Italy) | Rey, Jacques | Mogbante, Dam (independent experts)


- Session E-3 (ECO)

"Economic instruments in water resources management"




What role does business play in sustainable water resources management? A case study analysis from South Africa

Kranz, Nicole (Freie Universität Berlin, Germany)

Economic Assessment of water storage for adaptation to climate change in Sub-Saharan Africa

Xenarios, Stefanos | McCartney, Matthew (International Water Management Institute, East Africa & Nile Basin Office, Ethiopia) | Heracles, Polatidis (University of the Aegean, Greece) | Irit, Eguavoen (University of Bonn, Germany)

The potential of water trade to improve water use efficiencies: a scenario analysis in the Middle Olifants sub-basin of South Africa

Tsegai, Daniel (Center for Development Research – ZEF, Bonn, Germany) |Walter, Teresa (University of Hohenheim, Germany) | Kloos, Julia (Center for Development Research, Germany)

Can hydro-economic river basin models simulate water shadow prices under asymmetric access?

Kuhn, Arnim | Britz, Wolfgang (University of Bonn, Germany)

Effectiveness of water demand side policies on Mongolian business users

Zulgerel, Altai (James Cook University, Australia)


- Session F-1 (TRA)

"Transdisciplinarity in IWRM Research"




Crossing boundaries – contextualizing science:anoverview of transdisciplinary research

Vilsmaier, Ulli (University of Frankfurt, Germany)

Transdisciplinarity in IWRM research: Experiences and problems

Schramm, Engelbert (Institute for Social-Ecological Resarch, ISOE, Frankfurt a.M., Germany)

Transdisciplinarity and its Challenges: The Integration of heterogenous Knowledge and its Universalism

Krohn, Wolfgang (University of Bielefeld, Germany)


- Session A-4 (TEC)

"Technologies and implementation of IWRM: Alternative water resources and integrated sanitation planning"




Sustainable water resources management in fast developing urban areas – example from Hanoi, Vietnam

Stefan, Catalin (University of Technology Dresden, Germany) | Froehlich, Tim | Fuchs, Lothar (Institut für technisch-wissenschaftliche Hydrologie GmbH, Germany) | Werner, Peter (University of Technology Dresden, Germany)

Stakeholder Participation and Capacity Development during the Construction of Rainwater Harvesting Pilot Plants in Central Northern Namibia

Zimmermann, Martin (University of Technology Darmstadt, Germany)

Development of an appropriate water treatment for the karst region Gunung Kidul, Southern Java, Indonesia

Matthies, Kerstin | Obst, Ursula (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT, Germany)

A mathematical approach to find long-term strategies for the implementation of resource orientated sanitation

Kaufmann Alves, Inka (University of Kaiserslautern, Germany)

Improvement in the Sustainability and Managing the Island aquifer using Tidal Response Technique

Singh, Ajay | Singh, V.S. (National Geophysical Reserach Insititute – CSIR, Hyderabad, India)


- Session B-4 (DSS)

"Information and decision support systems for improved knowledge management II"




CROPPAT: A farm level DSS for efficient resources use

Barghouthi, Abdul-Hamid (Palestinian Hydrology Group - PHG + Abu Dies)

Irrigation water management using AQUACROP model

Soundharajan, Bankaru Swamy (Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India)

Decision Support for the Management of Sustainable Boat Tourism

Lorenz, Stefan | Pusch, Martin (Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB) Germany)

A Decision Support Procedure for Integrative Management of Dammed Raw Water Reservoirs

Slavik, Irene | Uhl, Wolfgang | Skibinski, Bertram (University of Technology Dresden, Germany) | Rolinski, Susanne (PIK, Germany) | Voelker, Jeanette (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ, Germany) | Benndorf, Jürgen | Petzoldt, Thomas (University of Technology Dresden, Germany)

Cost-effectiveness in river restoration – spatial allocation of measures by means of the ecological stepping stone concept

Bathe, Frauke | Klauer, Bernd | Schiller, Johannes (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ, Germany)


- Session C-4 (MAR)

"Managed Aquifer Recharge as tool for the implementation of an Integrated Water Resource Management"




Managed Aquifer Recharge as Tool for an Integrated Water Resource Management – Research Needs from the European Perspective

Gruetzmacher, Gesche | Kneppers, A. | Kazner, C. | Zojer, H. (Berlin Centre of Competence for Water, Germany)

Riverbank filtration as an ecosystem service for human health in India

Sandhu, Cornelius | Grischek, Thomas (University of Applied Sciences Dresden, Germany)

TECHNEAU: Perspectives for bank filtration as natural drinking water treatment in India

Sprenger, Christoph | Lorenzen, G. | Rustler, M. (Freie Universität Berlin, Germany) | Grützmacher, Gesche (Berlin Centre of Competence for Water, Germany) | Pekdeger, Asaf (Freie Universität Berlin, Germany)

Integrated analyses of MAR techniques in Shandong, China

Monninkhoff, Bertram | Kaden, Stefan (DHI-WASY GmbH, Germany)

Planning of Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) based on storm water runoff in the Jericho Region, West Bank

Rahman, Mohammad Azizur | Rusteberg, Bernd | Sebastian, Schmidt | Annegret, Lutz (University of Goettingen, Germany) | Tamimi, A. Rahman (Palestine Hydrology Group) | Sauter, Martin (University of Goettingen, Germany)

RECLAIM WATER – Managed aquifer recharge for safe indirect potable reuse

Wintgens, Thomas (University of Applied Sciences of Northwestern Switzerland)| Kazner, Christian | Melin, Thomas (RWTH Aachen University, Germany)


- Session D-4 (GOV)

"Analysing water resources governance under global change conditions"




Strengthening Integrated Water Resource Management through institutional analysis: developing an analytical tool for projects and programmes

Beveridge, Ross | Monsees, Jan | Moss, Timothy (Institute for Regional Development and Structural Planning – IRS, Germany)

Adaptive Water Governance: best practices and lessons learnt from synthesising research in basins around the world

Kramer, Annika (Adelphi, Germany) | Pahl-Wostl, Claudia (University of Osnabrueck, Germany) | Nikitina, Elena (EcoPolicy, Russia) | Knieper, Christian (University of Osnabrueck, Germany)

Water conflict? Moving beyond the water-war discourse

Aggestam, Karin | Sundell, Anna (University of Lund, Sweden)

The water governance challenge: The discrepancy between what is and what should be

Ravnborg, Helle Munk | Funder, Mikkel | Jensen, Kurt Mørck (Danish Institute for International Studies, Denmark)

Factors for success and failure in Integrated Water Resources Management

Evers, Mariele | Lange, Leonie (Leuphana University of Lueneburg, Germany)

Towards Adaptive and Integrated Management Paradigms to Meet the Challenges of Water Governance

Halbe, Johannes (University of Osnabrueck, Germany)


- Session E-4 (TEC)

"Economic valuation of water use: tools for integration in water resources planning"




Developing baseline projections for future water demand

Hartje, Volkmar | Mutafoglu, Konar (Berlin University of Technology, Germany)

Economic risks associated with low flows in the Elbe River Basin (Germany): an integrated economic-hydrologic approach to assess vulnerability to climate change

Grossmann, Malte (Berlin University of Technology, Germany) | Vögele, Stefan (Research Centre Juelich – FZJ, Germany) | Mutafoglu, Konar (Berlin University of Technology, Germany) | Lienhoop, Nele (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ, Germany) | Dietrich, Ottfried (Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF) Muencheberg, Germany) | Kaltofen, Michael (DHI-WASY GmbH, Germany)

Evaluation of adaptation strategies: PRIMATE – a participatory multicriteria evaluation tool

Meyer, Volker | Lange, Martin | Drechsler, Martin (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ, Germany)

Energy production and water: assessment of climate change impact on thermal and hydropower production

Koch, Hagen (Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus, Germany) | Vögele, Stefan (Research Centre Juelich – FZJ, Germany) | Grossmann, Malte (Berlin University of Technology, Germany) | Kaltofen, Michael (DHI-WASY GmbH, Germany)



"Closing Remarks"




Closing Remarks

Peter Krebs | TU Dresden, Dietrich Borchardt | UFZ Magdeburg